Personal Bucket List

Everyone has their own list of things they would like to do before they kick the bucket! This idea was pinched from my hunny chummy Gemma, who has her own blog you should definitely go check out! Click here for her homepage! Get my ears pierced Have meerkats climb all over me Go to a... Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Travelist!

So ALL holiday blues have well and truly set in, get me on a plane to anywhere & everywhere! Wivenhoe is nice & all, but a lot of conservative, close minded people who just want to drink & smoke their lives away - no judgement but that is not the life for me! Last year... Continue Reading →

How I Unwind & Destress

For me, I feel that I am a very intermittently stressed person! And that is ok!! Its how you deal and manage emotional stress alongside normal stress helps to define you and let you get on with your lovely life! With my final year of university at the front and foremost of my emotional stress,... Continue Reading →

Mac Review

So last week, my hunny chummy Gemma and I paid to do a MAC make over/lesson at Fenwick Colchester for their 1 year birthday/anniversary of being open! Thinking of it only being a year seems to have flown by so quickly, their make up department is to die for & so so so pretty! So... Continue Reading →

Expectations Vs. Reality with Women

Many individuals (now don't expect that I am only talking about men here!) expect women to be prepped, primed, beautiful, clean, on top of things, domesticated, intelligent, well developed, skinny but with a giant ass & huge boobs, that we are the psychos in the relationship, couldn't possibly of a higher status then a man... Continue Reading →

Busy Weekend!

So if you're living in England you'll know that we've just had our last bank holiday weekend for a while (I think until December at least!!) so I thought I would share what I got up to over the past weekend! Friday 25th: I had to go to work which wasn't too pants as we... Continue Reading →

Kickstart It Over Again

So for a while now I have been thinking about maybe going into study or a career within the medical field! Don't get me wrong I love photography and my degree at UoS isn't even finished yet, still the dreaded third year to go with the dissertation module & final degree project *shudders at he... Continue Reading →

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